Happy Easter from Illinois

Well firstly Happy Birthday to my brother!  Hope you all have a wonderful time.

I will be waking up early tomorrow and cooking a baked egg dish for the annual church Easter Breakfast.  I will use hot bulk sausage, onions, and spinach, whip up the eggs with some sour cream, and bake it till its puffy.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Also, I have to put together the requisite Pink Stuff for the family gathering later.  I am not allowed to attend a party  with my husbands family unless I walk in with a bowl of this goo.  It is comprised of jello powder, cottage cheese, cool wHip, and your choice of fruit.  I am doing one with  crushed pineapple, and one with freshly sliced strawberries.  Just stir it all together and let it set in the fridge for a couple hours and voila!

After church we will come back to my house for a few minutes of Easter Basket Glee with the grandkids… then heading over to my Sister in Law’s house.  Family gatherings here are fun and interesting because of the diversity of people and food that will be there.  Could end up being a combo of  Puerto Rican, Mexican, African, Swedish and American fare….always yummy!

After this I will head home and try to nap before working at 11pm… Im sure I will have no trouble sleeping after such a busy day 🙂 – Kerrie


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