Talkin turkey (burgers)

I’m spending my Saturday night up to my elbows in ground turkey, preparing for the usual onslaught of family on Sunday. I found this recipe for Chicken Basil Parmesan Burgers which actually calls for ground chicken, but turkey was 50 percent off at Dominicks.. so there it is. I am looking forward seeing how they turn out because I love fresh basil in almost anything. So here is my “before” picture… tomorrow you will see “after”.




Well I am happy to report that they turned out very well… My son Lars had two of them, and they were large.  My three year old grandson Asher only wanted to lick off the marinara sauce.  I think the meat mixture would also make a good meatloaf… maybe just add half ground pork or beef.  I would use this recipe again.      _Kerrie

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