Who Doesn’t Love Lasagna?!

Last night we had lasagna. That pan of cheese, meat and pasta. YUM! Over the course of years I have come across several ways to make it. Let’s break it down.

The noodles – I like my noodles pre-cooked, rinsed and cooled prior to assembly.

The sauce – My personal favorite, and controversial, “sauce” is canned tomato soup. I know WTH! Try it! 😀

Meat or no meat – I choose sausage (bulk or cut up links) and/or ground beef (in that order). The ground meat must be thoroughly seasoned in the tomato soup version. Sausage is best as it will add its flavors to the “sauce”.

The cheese -I like the combo of cottage cheese and mozzarella cheeses.

And most importantly…

Cold or heated – A lasagna worth eating is worth eating cold.

How do you like yours assembled? Let us know!


One response to “Who Doesn’t Love Lasagna?!

  1. I like to use the Barilla no cook noodles cuz they are easy and soak up some of the sauce and flavor, mt grandma used regular noodles but never precooked and it turned out fine. I have tried the tomato soup sauce and everyone in my family loved it!

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