Camp Pizza

My sister in law made these pizza roll ups while we were camping. They were baked in a Dutch oven surrounded by hot coals. They could easily be baked in the oven at home as well.

Unbaked pizza dough (we used a mix that you add water to)
Whatever kinds of pizza toppings you like. We used:
Cooked Italian sausage
Chopped green bell pepper
Chopped onions
Canadian bacon
Mozzarella or any kind of cheese
One jar pizza or marinara sauce

Roll the pizza dough out into a rectangle. spread pizza ingredients over the rolled dough, except for the sauce.
Roll up the dough and seal the end. Slice into one inch pinwheels. Place them into 375 degree Dutch oven. Actually we used a foil dutch oven liner, then placed that into the preheated Dutch oven. We had previously heated ours over hot coals and checked the temp. Return to coals, placing some of the coals over the lid. Bake for forty minutes or until tops of pinwheels have browned. Remove from heat, separate pinwheels and serve with marinara sauce for dipping. A yummy treat for camping or home!








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