Creamy low carb chicken and broccoli soup

Let me just say this soup is not low calorie! I am really trying to do the Atkins diet but have been craving a creamy soup, so I put together this one out of various low carb ingredients, and the result was really delicious!


Two cups of cut up cooked chicken……….. ( I boiled a couple of carcasses of grocery store rotisserie chicken, made broth and used the meat)

Four cups of chicken broth ( make your own or use canned.. see above…)

One half onion diced

Two bay leaves

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

One pound package frozen cut up broccoli

Eight ounces sliced fresh mushrooms

Two cups half and half or heavy cream (depending on how naughty you wanna be)

8 oz shredded cheddar cheese


Combine all ingredients and simmer until broccoli and mushrooms are done… yum.. If you dont care about carbs you could thicken the soup with some flour… I chose not to do this and it was fine…




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