Smoked Tri-Tip

I found a small (18″ across) grill/smoker at a garage sale over the past weekend… so what better to do than try it out…Right? It was my first attempt.

It turned out really good. The better half beat me to blogging about it.

Here is what I did…

Tri-Tip let set to get to room temperature and a liberal amount of Pappy’s was applied.


I set about two dozen briquettes on the rack on bottom of grill. Let them ash over and put a foil packet of wood chips (Mesquite) on the upper grilling rack directly above the charcoal. I added another wet packets directly onto the coals later.


The Tri-Tip was placed on the opposite side of the grill when the temperature got to 250 degrees and the wood chips were smoking. I cooked the Tri-Tip for about 90 minutes.. should have done a full 2 hours.. but I like mine rare.. this was a bit too rare but still great tasting. Let the roast sit at least 20 minutes after taking it off grill. Just cover with foil.


Just make sure you keep temp low 225-240, inside the smoker,is what I have read. An oven proof thermometer that I use for my dutch oven was used.

Slice thinly across the grain and ENJOY!!



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