Great Food at Lumpy’s

The wife and I love to go to Lumpy’s for their great burgers. The other morning we went for breakfast. Great breakie too! Fun environment and friendly staff.



Holiday Family and Food

Nothing says holidays like good food and family. We certainly experienced both of those this Christmas. We started off our week with an early Christmas at Wayne and Noel’s house. It was a genuine fiesta featuring savory (and a little spicy) chicken enchiladas. These enchiladas were packed full of chicken, cheese and spicy sauce; a mouth-watering (and eye watering) delight! Here’s Noel’s tip for us gringos: Put your sauce on after you bake them. This keeps them from getting soggy. I can’t believe I haven’t already been doing this!


Feliz Navidad. Some mexican cuisine from Noel.

According to my family, the holidays aren’t the same without sugar cookies.  I get requests for them every year. I found a great recipe a long time ago for sugar cookies that, when you roll them thick, they not only keep their shape, but are more like a cake than a cookie. This cookie recipe coupled with the C&H Powdered Sugar buttercream frosting recipe on the box makes a taste combo. that is hard to resist no matter how full you are. Top these cookies with cute sprinkles and you are set. They will be gone in a flash!


unfrosted cookies

Since I am on the subject of sweetness. I decided to try a recipe I found on Pinterest called “French Toast Bake.” I wanted to make something special yet familiar for the family on Christmas morning. What I like about this recipe is that you can prepare it the night before and pop it in the oven in the morning. It’s also very easy and can be made mostly with ingredients you already have. I could not find Texas Toast in stock anywhere so decided to use Challah bread which, I was told, makes good french toast. As it turns out it was good. I might also add bacon or sausage if you are one that likes to mix your salty and sweet (Those who know me know I am not one of them). Make sure to top with real maple syrup; none of that corn syrup stuff.


French Toast Bake…mmm


Real Maple Syrup only!

So, from enchiladas  to Mongolian BBQ to French Toast Bake to Rib Eye Roast, it was a tantalizing trip for the taste buds. I swear I will never eat again (yeah right)! Happy 2014 and Bon Appetit!

Breakfast (Mc)Muffin

One of my favorite breakfast items is the egg McMuffin, but I hate paying over two dollars for the sandwich.
Sooo… Let’s make our own. Quite simple, just as good and a lot cheaper.
Requires only 5 ingredients and cooking spray.
1. English muffin… Toasted
2. An egg
3. Slice of American cheese
4. Slice of Canadian bacon
5. Butter for English muffin

If you don’t have a handy gadget called an egg ring don’t fret. They taste just as good. LOL! We got ours at Crate and Barrel as we were window shopping while waiting for a movie. They are inexpensive.

Ok.. Heat the pan first! This will congeal the egg as it hits the pan and not let it run out of the bottom of the ring. Spray the egg ring so the egg won’t stick. Crack egg into ring and cover the pan to help cook the egg through. (about 4 minutes). While the egg is cooking, toast the English muffin. Fry the slice of bacon along side of egg.
When all is cooked assemble the sandwich with the cheese and enjoy.




Breakfast for dinner….fabulous French toast!

Every once in awhile I just have a craving for breakfast for dinner. Who am I kidding? I could eat it everyday! My French toast cravings got the best of me this evening so I set out on Pinterest to find a recipe that appealed to me. I found this mouthwatering doozy and had to try it. I’m a sucker for brown sugar. I threw in a couple scrambled eggs and managed to satisfy my tenacious breakfast cravings….for tonight anyway. Enjoy!