Zucchini pasta low-carb

I have seen the idea of using shredded zucchini as a replacement for pasta. So I dug through my cabinets and found a mandoline, and proceeded to shred my zucchini. I use three large zucchini,  shredded them, and added them to 2 tablespoons of butter in my frypan. I seasoned them with garlic salt, pepper,  and basil. When they were semi firm I turned off the heat and then served them with marinara sauce and meatballs. I found them to be a completely acceptable substitute for pasta, and much healthier!



Great Stuffed Shells

Enjoyed a great dish tonight!  Stuffed shells..hmm…hmm…hmmm. I can’t remember the last time we/ I had them.    

We modified the sauce a bit adding ground beef and ” hot” bulk “New York” sausage. The cheese mixture was just as described in the recipe and was great. Taking a tip from a commenter on the “All Recipes” site,  we chilled the cheese mixture while the other things were being prepared. We stuffed the shells using butter knives, cradling a shells in one’s hand and squeezing the ends like a rubber coin purse. We only cooked 16 and froze the rest. YAY!!  more for later.

Along with the shells we had a garden salad and garlic cheese bread. We used Black Krim tomatoes that we grew.  Those tomatoes are really great tasting. Really sweet. Look into them for sure.