Let’s talk chicken

Can't claim credit for this cooking, my friend...


Tonight I am going to do chicken. The weather is really nice with temps to reach near 80. So tonight it will be bbq’ed chicken.. For the two of us a whole chicken has several advantages. Foremost is the division of the chicken. I like dark meat and Cheryl likes white so that works out nicely using a whole chicken. Another advantage of a whole chicken is seasoning.. I can put what i want on my “parts” and Cheryl can season the breast meat how she likes.  When bbq’ing I cut the chicken in half under the breasts to accommodate the above mentioned division if we plan on what to do with the leftover parts i.e. bbq chicken salad etc.. If we want to use some chicken in a recipe that would not require bbq’ing  I cut the chicken vertically through the breasts one breast one each half which allows for the use of the non-bbq’ed meat in another manner, and keeps the white vs. dark meat division in tact.  😀

Chicken is a great value, being able to find it at Costco at a price of $.99 a lb everyday and often down to $.79 cents in the local supermarkets.  We also have a “set it and forget it” rotisserie which we use,mostly for chicken, when grilling is not a good scenario.

How do you like chicken…?  Let us know.

the morning meal….

GM all,

It’s Sunday morning. What’s for breakfast? news and coffee? toast and jam? No one here drinks coffee so that is out. Got me thinking about breakie. French Toast? Pancakes and bacon?  Not for me. Oh no! Me, I eat what my fellow author and sister Kerrie calls “unconventional breakies”.

Sure as a kid, if mom had time, we got the pancakes, waffles etc.. I also remember, as a kid, having Melba toast served in warm milk with sugar and/or cinnamon. But me I like my “unconventional breakie”.  Hmmm… what’s in the fridge? Looks around a bit… and “EUREKA” my favorite breakie… Leftovers!!! and my favorite of all when it is available is pizza. What is wrong with pizza? It has bread like toast, it usually has meat on it. Maybe even sausage. If I added an egg, which I will not do, (I am not an egg fan) it would be an omelette I see made all the time. Some meat, cheese,veggie and egg mixture.  Ahh… pizza, the best “unconventional breakie”.

But what if there is no pizza?  Ok way in the bk in that storage container… leftover spaghetti… hmmmm. Talk about comfort food. 😀  I might choose anything. An enchilada, a chunk of meatloaf, Who knows?  The sky is the limit! Well, anything in the fridge stored in Tupperware is game. LOL

Hey!! Happy breakie ..Live a little. De-clutter the fridge. Eat an “unconventional breakie”.

What’s for lunch?