Slow cooker recipe makes life easier  I saw this post online  from a friend and had to try it.   I work a few 12 hour shifts per week  as a nurse, and it is hard to plan meals for those nights.   I have my mom living with me who used to cook on those nights but now she is forgetting how due to Alzheimers….so it is nice to have something on hand to plop into the crock pot  when I get home from work in the morning..


most of my ingredients


all my  bags full of stuff


I cant wait to try and see how these turn out.   It was a bit of work tonight, but will hopefully make my life easier and  yummier in the long run!




Crockpot Chili Colorado II

Today I prepared this dish for a second time. This time, however, at my wife’s request, i turned the “heat” down. One roasted Hatch pepper instead of two, less red pepper flakes and no Habanero at all. Very easy to make.. Brown one pound stew meat, chop 1/2 an onion, mince one pepper. Season meat as you brown it. I used chipolte powder,cumin, kosher salt,chili powder and a little water. Pour it in the crock pot with onion and pepper. Add one 28 Oz. can of red enchilada sauce. I cooked it through and seasoned after it cooked for more than an hour on high. I reduced heat and cooked till desired doneness.

We will eat this over rice. But plain with tortillas is great too.

**NOTE TO SELF: Do not put HOT! enchilada sauce in a recipe you are trying  to tone down.  Added another pound of meat a 15 OZ. can of tomato sauce some honey and a potato (to be removed later). Hope that works. :-/


browning sesoned stew meat


hatch chili pepper and onion in crock pot


enchilada sauce I used aside red pepper flakes


all combined in crock pot