Cupcake Heaven

Two Girls and A Cupcake, Inc..


If you are ever in Utica, Illinois or there about you have to check out this little cupcake shop near Starved Rock.


Cookies and Cream Cupcakes

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake, right? I spent part of my Memorial Day baking up some goodies for my first graders who have summer birthdays. It’s one of the ways I choose to fill up my last two minimum days of school before summer vacation! Woo hoo!

These cupcakes are cookies and cream. They are made with a standard white cake mix (Duncan Hines) and my scrumptious buttercream frosting. I threw in Oreo cookie crumbs to give the frosting a little flavor , as well as the look of cookies and cream. I used a plastic frosting bag with a hole cut in the bottom (you can do the same thing with a ziplock bag) to frost them in a swirly pattern. This method is much easier and quicker than frosting with a knife, in my opinion. I topped them off with half an Oreo cookie. Yum!

Happy birthday to my summer birthday kiddos!