Sourdough Starter and Eventually Bread

I love sourdough bread but have never made it. I looked up some sourdough bread recipes and found out that it is quite a process which begins with creating a concoction called sourdough starter. Here is a recipe I found for this, also some helpful instructions on different methods of keeping your starter alive for all eternity. I have not decided yet if I want immortal starter brewing in my kitchen…. I will make that decision based on how the bread turns out! Here are couple pics of my starter, day one.




Here’s a picture of the starter at after it sat in my jar for three days. You can see the layer of hooch on top. Using this starter, I followed this recipe for sourdough bread.
The bread rose nicely, and had a good flavor, but not quite as sour as I had hoped. Perhaps next time I will keep my starter in the jar for a longer time. I’ll let ya know how it goes next time 🙂