Creamy low carb chicken and broccoli soup

Let me just say this soup is not low calorie! I am really trying to do the Atkins diet but have been craving a creamy soup, so I put together this one out of various low carb ingredients, and the result was really delicious!


Two cups of cut up cooked chicken……….. ( I boiled a couple of carcasses of grocery store rotisserie chicken, made broth and used the meat)

Four cups of chicken broth ( make your own or use canned.. see above…)

One half onion diced

Two bay leaves

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

One pound package frozen cut up broccoli

Eight ounces sliced fresh mushrooms

Two cups half and half or heavy cream (depending on how naughty you wanna be)

8 oz shredded cheddar cheese


Combine all ingredients and simmer until broccoli and mushrooms are done… yum.. If you dont care about carbs you could thicken the soup with some flour… I chose not to do this and it was fine…



Sugar Free Flour free Almond cookies

I am trying really hard to do the low carb thing but darn it I have been craving cookies. So I looked online and found this recipe for almond cookies. They are extremely low carb…. like 30 carbs for the whole batch. So divided by however many cookies you make. I made 18….. so thats less than two carbs per cookie. And they are really delicious and chewy and soft…. Every one in my family is eating them (darn it) I only have two left….. I did make a couple changes to the recipe. I added one half cup extra almond flour , one egg, and one quarter teaspoon cinnamon…. because I had seen these ingredients in other similar recipes. I know I will be making these every week…..


Shrimp ceviche

I really adore eating ceviche so I decided I would try to make some. Ceviche is a dish that originated in south America, traditionally using raw fish. The addition of lemon or lime juice would serve to kind of cook the fish. I just cannot bring myself to use raw fish in a recipe, so I got some raw shrimp, cleaned, deveined, head and tails removed. I boiled them for a few minutes with a little seasoned salt, drained them and added the other ingredients. It is chilling in my fridge now and will be ready for a cool dinner on a hot summer night.

2 pounds cooked shrimp
Juice of two fresh lemons
Two diced tomatoes
One half diced green pepper
Four green onions
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
One half teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Combine all ingredients allow to chill for a couple of hours. It’s good to serve with tortilla chips.



No cooking tonight!

Hot day here. Good night for a sandwich and salad for dinner. Leftover bbq chicken some cheese,lettuce,and tomato make a good stuffing for pita bread. Accompanied by a lettuce salad with green onion,carrots and tomatoes.  Tried a spray on dressing that had good flavor. no cooking tonight!

Broiled tomatoes, anyone?

Do you like cooked tomatoes or do you think they are yucky? I tried this recipe for Cheesy tomatoes tonight. I changed a couple things… For instance I used chipotle jack cheese instead of provalone, and since I had no cooking spray, I used olive oil. They were very good! Some day when I am not on a low carb diet I think I may try adding some Italian bread crumbs to the cheese mixture.



Talkin turkey (burgers)

I’m spending my Saturday night up to my elbows in ground turkey, preparing for the usual onslaught of family on Sunday. I found this recipe for Chicken Basil Parmesan Burgers which actually calls for ground chicken, but turkey was 50 percent off at Dominicks.. so there it is. I am looking forward seeing how they turn out because I love fresh basil in almost anything. So here is my “before” picture… tomorrow you will see “after”.




Well I am happy to report that they turned out very well… My son Lars had two of them, and they were large.  My three year old grandson Asher only wanted to lick off the marinara sauce.  I think the meat mixture would also make a good meatloaf… maybe just add half ground pork or beef.  I would use this recipe again.      _Kerrie

It is most certainly a soup day

Ok I was really inspired by hearing about my brother making soup today… but I am trying to do the low carb thing and wanted to find a low carb soup recipe that would use these really wonderful low carb black soy beans I had found. I did not have any canned chipotle peppers so i added a teaspoon of chipotle powder, and that worked out just fine, had a little kick. I used really lean ground beef.. more carrots than the recipe called for… and I wished I’d had sour cream cuz that would have been really yummy on top. Instead we sprinkled a little grated white cheddar. Yum! -Kerrie