What?! No tomato sauce on a pizza? AKA visit to BJ’s Brewhouse

Last  night my wife and I went out to dinner for our tenth anniversary. We chose a local new to me spot called BJ’s Brewhouse.

The place has a great atmoshpere with a look I liked. The place was open and noisy. The menu is large with something for everyone. The food,this visit, I would rate a “C”.

Firstly, it was a busy Friday night. But I have to say it took forever for our food to arrive.

I ordered a 9” deep dish pizza. listed on the menu as “Sweet Pig” .  It contained ham,pineapple,cheese and roughly chopped tomatoes.  That’s it!! No sauce!! WTH!! Who ever heard of pizza with no sauce?!  I t was ok but

NO SAUCE?!  LOL Surprised smile

Cheryl ordered.. a burger, a bacon cheeseburger.  The thin fries offered with the burger were really good. She said she preferred the burger from Lumpy’s  better.

The true gem of BJ’s is something called a Pizookie! OMG!! good stuff. A freshly cooked cookie with ice cream on top. We had a combo…me, red velvet cookie… Cheryl , cookies and cream cookie with vanilla ice cream and a squirt of cookies and cream mousse.

BJ’s offers a reward program offering  one point for every dollar spent minus alcohol tips etc.. discounts on your bill and a free pizookie are some rewards.

We will give this spot another visit and try other items from the menu. And most definitely another Pizookie . Open-mouthed smile

BJ’s also offers online ordering and curbside pickup for those on the go.



Sweet Pig Pizza WTH no sauce.


Cheryl’s Bacon Cheeseburger and really good fries


Pizookie…fresh made cookie with ice cream yummy!