The Hat

When I recently had a chance to visit Southern California, I was strongly encouraged to try this restaurant. It’s a local phenomenon with several restaurants in the Southern California area, having first started in Alhambra, CA in the early fifties.  Its called The Hat.  They specialize in thinly sliced pastrami sandwiches, and huge servings of gravy fries. I highly recommend that you stop by If you find yourself down there!


You will never be able to eat this alone Bring a friend to share!


Delicious thinly sliced pastrami, with a little mustard and pickle, dipped in juice


This is the original Hat, in Alhambra, CA


Skoog’s Pub And Grill

This weekend my sister and I spent a weekend at Starved Rock near Utica Illinois. We spent one evening strolling the little tiny downtown, And found a charming place called Skoog’s Pub and Grill. . There was a Swedish flag in front, so we were intrigued ,being of Swedish ancestry ourselves. We found out that the owner of the restaurant is Swedish, But there is no Swedish fare on the menu. However we had the chance to sample deep-fried macaroni and cheese balls, which I have always been curious about. They were served with a side of ranch dressing or marinara sauce. Both were delicious; I liked both at the same time. I had a deep-fried cod sandwich which tasted very fresh and delicious , and homemade coleslaw . We also sampled their homemade drink which they called JuicyJuice: a combination of several fruit juices vodka and rum. It was all pretty yummy and if you are ever in Utica Illinois I would recommend this place 🙂